Dhamma Kañcana
Center is located in the village of Wang Kayai on 8.8 hectares (55 Rai) of land in Sangkhlaburi district, Kanchanaburi bordering to Myanmar. The distance from the center to Bangkok is about 330 km and 180 km to Muang Kanchanaburi. The center is located on a hill near Mount SamYod in the Ta Now Sri Mountain Range, with an altitude of 193.5 meters above sea level surrounded by nature such as Kreng Kra Wia waterfalls in Kao Laem National Park, Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary, and Vajiralongkorn Dam.

The name “Dhamma Kañcana” means “Gold of Dhamma”.

The center is the 5th Vipassana meditation center of the country by receiving a land donation from a couple of alumni. The first 10-day course was conducted in November 2006. The center atmosphere is surrounded by tropical rain forest and decorative gardens. The main meditation hall and accommodations were built on a hill. Some of the accommodations have a cottage look built on the hillside.


Today, Dhamma Kañcana opens the 10-day, 3-day and Anapanasati for children courses. The center can accommodate participants up to 104 people in 35 of male and 69 of female. Within the center area, there are three male - female teacher rooms, 216 sq.m. of main meditation hall, mini hall, multi-purpose hall (dining hall) separated male and female, monks dining hall, kitchen, office, bookshop and walk way. The accommodations in the center consist of 12 male en suite bedrooms, 16 male en suite cabins, 7 male cottages, 46 female en suite bedrooms and 23 female en suite cabins. The area in the center is completely segregated between male and female.