The following information is for those who have been accepted on the meditation course:

We provide one sleeping pillow with one pillowcase, one bedsheet and one blanket per bed. If you need extra blankets during the winter season, please ask the management.

Meditation Cushions

We supply a large base cushion and a small sitting cushion for every student. Knee cushions are also available. Please feel free to bring your own cushion(s) that you may need or feel comfortable with.

Bring enough comfortable, non-binding clothing for the duration of your stay. All students should observe the rules for modest dress as outlined in the Code of Discipline. Pants or skirts that cover your knees while you are seated are acceptable. Midsection and shoulders should also be covered. Shorts, tank tops, transparent, tight or revealing clothing, etc. are not permitted. Tights or leggings should be worn only under a knee length top or skirt/dress.

For the comfort of the other students, please do not bring any perfumes or scented creams, powders, lotions, etc. You may bring the following items for your use:

  Toothbrush and toothpaste
  Bathing soap
  Shampoo / conditioner
  Unscented deodorant / lotion
  Toilet paper
  Shaving / female sanitary supplies
Please carry all your prescribed medicines that you regularly use for the entire duration of your course. You may also carry your doctor's prescription too.
Other items
  Mosquito repellent
  Drinking water bottle
  Footwear: easy slip-ons, e.g. clogs, flip flops, etc.
  Shawl or light blanket for use in the meditation hall
  Warm clothing during November to February



You are requested not to bring any of the following items with you to the course:
  Tobacco / alcohol / non-prescribed drugs
  Musical instruments
  Books, diaries, journals and other reading/writing materials
  Camera / recording devices / CD players / radios / electronic equipment
  Cellular telephones / laptops / communication devices
  Religious or spiritual objects, such as amulets, rosaries, blessing cords, pictures, incense, crystals, etc.
  Jewelry and unnecessary valuables

If you arrive with any of the above items, you will be asked to leave them with the management until the end of the course.

Please Note:
Valuables are kept at the center at your own risk. The center management is not liable for any loss or damage to the valuables howsoever caused.

The management will do its utmost effort to keep everything as securely as possible. Nevertheless, students must understand that the management cannot accept responsibility for what has been deposited.