Travel Arrangements

Please make all of your travel plans (to and from) before arriving at the center, as you will not have access to communication devices from the time the course begins until after the course is completed. Students should make proper travel arrangements, allowing sufficient time for travel to and from bus and train stations and airports. If you have any difficulty, please do not hesitate to call us at +[66](0)8-1827-7331.

Travel Information by Land, Rail, and Air

Dhamma Ābhā is located at Ban Huay Phloo, east of Phitsanulok, between Wang Thong and Lom Sak, on Highway 12 at 49+400 km. The center is a 5-6 hour drive from Bangkok, with land, rail, and air connections in Phitsanulok, which is an hour away from the center. Dhamma Ābhā has no affiliation with any of the travel services below. Travel information is subject to change without notice. Information listed here were accurate as of May 2014. Please send corrections or suggestions to

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    The Center Office’s GPS Coordinates:
    16° 53' 55.9"N
    100° 39' 59.6"E
    Altitude 147 meters
    16.8988624 100.6665619

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    On the day the course begins, a bus is provided to the center. The bus departs at 9:00 a.m. from Wat Prasri Mahathat Worawihan (“Wat Prasri”), located in Bang Khen District on Phahon Yothin Road, to the north of Bangkok. Please note: the name of the temple is different from Wat Mahathat located in downtown Bangkok. Please reserve a seat at at least 7 days in advance and report to the temple parking lot, near the exit gate on Phahon Yothin Road, no later than 8:30 a.m. It takes about 1 - 1.5 hours from Khao San or downtown Bangkok to the temple. The bus round trip fare is 1,000 baht, 500 baht one-way, paid in cash on the bus. On the return trip, the bus reaches Wat Prasri at about 3:30 p.m.

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    From Bangkok: travel on Highway 1, Thanon Phahon Yothin, and follow the Ayutthaya/Nakhon Sawan sign when it merges into Highway 32. Then, follow the sign to Nakhon Sawan/Kampheng Phet. At Nakhon Sawan, turn right onto Highway 117 toward Pichit/Phitsanulok. At Nong O intersection, turn right on Highway 126, Phitsanulok bypass, going toward Wang Thong. At Indochina intersection, turn right onto Highway 12, Mittraphap Road, toward Wangthong/Lomsak. Upon reaching Ban Sap Phrai Wan, at the 49+400 km post, turn left onto a small road and follow the sign to Dhamma Ābhā.

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    The Northern and North-Eastern bus terminal (Mo Chit 2 Bus Terminal) is located on Kamphaeng Phet Road, just north of Chatuchak Park. It takes about one hour from Khao San or downtown Bangkok to the bus terminal. It is recommended to arrive at the bus terminal no later than 8 a.m. in order to find the right counter and reserve a seat. The fare to Phitsanulok is 300-350 baht one-way, including lunch. It will take 5-6 hours. Air-con buses to Phitsanulok are offered by the following bus companies:

    Upon reaching Phitsanulok Bus Terminal, take a local bus, which runs every hour, until 6:00 p.m., toward Nakhon Thai or Lom Sak or Dan Sai or Petchboon and get off at Ban Sap Phrai Wan (Located in Tambol Kaeng Sopha), about 40 km, an hour away. The fare is 50 baht.

    At Ban Sap Phrai Wan, hire a motorcycle to take you to the center, about 3.2 km away. The fare is 60 baht.
    ›› Google Map Link: Mo Chit 2 Bus Terminal

      1. Phitsanulok Yan Yon Tour
    Route: Bangkok – Phitsanulok – Khao Kho
    Mo Chit Terminal, ticket box #53-54: Tel. 0-2936-2924-5
    Phitsanulok Terminal: Tel. 0-5530-2021-2
      Phitsanulok Yan Yon Tour offers a direct bus to Ban Sap Phrai Wan, leaving Bangkok at 10:30 a.m. and arriving Ban Sap Phrai Wan at 4:30 p.m.

      2. Cherdchai Tour
    Route: Bangkok – Phitsanulok
    Mo Chit Terminal, ticket box #34-36: Tel. 0-2936-0199
    Phitsanulok Terminal: Tel. 0-5521-1922
      3. Sukhothai Wintour (Website) Route: Bangkok – Phitsanulok
    Mo Chit Terminal, ticket box #34-36: Tel. 0-2936-3753-4
    Phitsanulok Terminal: Tel. 0-5521-1277

  •     ›› Train
    There are many trains between Bangkok-Phitsanulok-Chiang Mai. However, we recommend special express trains (sprinters) for faster and more comfortable service.

    Air-con Special Express Train #9 departs 8:30 a.m. and arrive Phitsanulok at 1:09 p.m. The fare is 450-500 baht, including lunch. Please check the State Railway of Thailand website or call 1690 for timetables and fares.
    ›› The State Railway of Thailand Website

      Hualampong Railway Station in Bangkok: Tel. 0-2621-8701
      Phitsanulok Train Station: Tel. 0-5525-8005, 0-5524-4824 (no English speakers)

    Upon arriving Phitsanulok, hire a tuk-tuk (motor tricycle) to Phitsanulok Bus Terminal, 3 km away, to take a local bus to Ban Sap Phrai Wan (Located in Tambol Kaeng Sopha). At Ban Sap Phrai Wan, hire a motorcycle to take you to the center, about 3.2 km away. The fare is 60 baht.

  •     ›› Plane
    Nok Air and Air Asia fly from Don Muang Airport to Phitsanulok several times a day. The fare is about 2,000-4,000 baht round-trip. The flight takes a little more than an hour.

      Nok Air Tel. 1318 or 0-2900-9955
      Air Asia Tel. 0-2515-9999

    At Phitsanulok Airport, you can hire a tuk-tuk or taxi to Phitsanulok Bus Terminal, about 4 km. away. Take a local bus to Ban Sap Phrai Wan (Located in Tambol Kaeng Sopha), 40 km. away. At Ban Sap Phrai Wan, hire a motorcycle to take you to the center, about 3.2 km away. The fare is 60 baht.

    You can also hire a taxi from the airport to the center, which will cost 800 baht per trip, and takes about an hour.