Dhamma Kamala, serving students arriving from all over the world, presently the center can accommodate 125 participants, 35 males and 90 females. Residential quarters are built in a modern Thai style, three for men and six for women. All accommodations are single rooms with attached bathrooms, so students can meditate seriously with the very least distractions. The buildings lie amid of a large garden with area for walking and relaxation. There are covered pathways to connect one building to another. The complex is surrounded by serene ponds and moats of colorful lotuses in keeping with the name of the center. Flowering shrubs and trees, especially teak, give a shady and pleasant environment for meditation.

Approximately twenty 10-day Courses are scheduled at Dhamma Kamala per year, with nearly every course full with a wait list. The center also offers Satipaṭṭhāna Courses as well as 1- day, 3- day, 20 – day, 30- and 45-day courses for old students. In addition, one-day Ānāpānasati Courses are being offered to children regularly.

Dhamma Kamala's Master Plan (Click to Enlarge)