The center is in a quiet rural village, situated on an area of 6 acres, in the district of Dong-Kee-Lek, Amphur Muang, Prachinburi province, nearby the Khao-Yai Nataional Park, classified as the world heritage reserve. The center is 170 kilometers east of Bangkok, along the Bangkok-Sakaew Highway. By car, it is a two-hour drive from Bangkok and half way to the Cambodian border.

Dhamma Kamala
"The Lotus of Dhamma", was established after Goenkaji, Mataji, and other senior teachers had traveled to Thailand to conduct several non-center Vipassana courses. Old students decided to establish the first Vipassana center in Thailand, and the development of the center started in 1992. The first ten-day course has commenced in November 1992. In August 1998, Goenkaji inaugurated the main building in the center, composed of a golden pagoda at the top center, a spacious meditation hall, and 128 individual cells. The center gradually and continuously expanded to meet the demand of students. Many new buildings have been added, including a kitchen, teachers’ residences, a center office, Vipassana Resources Center, and new residences.